New Technique | Water Droplet Photography

I’ve decided to start messing about with water droplet photography. There are some brilliant photo sets out there and they have tickled my curiosity.

I am faced with a couple of problems when it comes to attempting this, my macro lenses are cheap macro zooms from ages ago that have a minimum focusing distance of a metre or more, and I have none of the fancy water droplet equipment (obviously!)

So for these early test shots, I resorted to using a syringe, extension tubes on a prime lens and burst mode – lots and lots of burst mode!

Photographing water drops on guesswork alone is bloody hard, the amount of unusable shots I got was hilarious. Still, I’m pretty happy with these, I guessed pretty well.

I think for my next attempts I may need to upgrade the liquid to something a bit thicker. I was thinking along the lines of milk, but I may experiment with acrylic paint. I bet you could get some great shots dripping coloured paints into a white base.

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  1. Olivia May says:

    Good job, I am sure it took a lot of patience.

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    1. Thanks Olivia. Yes, lots of patience and lots and lots of attempts!

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