New Technique | Experiments in Bokeh

I was bored. It was raining outside and I was stuck in thanks to non-weatherproof gear. So I decided to experiment a little with custom bokeh, perhaps for product photography?

This was very simple, I took a bread board and some aluminium foil. I then crumpled the foil, straightened it back out again and used it to cover the bread board – giving me a backdrop tada!

To begin with, I shot a few frames with a desk lamp backlighting the subject and bouncing off of the backdrop. I didn’t like these shots much. The subject itself was very poorly lit and details went walkabout.

What I settled on was to use a macro ringflash and catch the bokeh on the bounce. I think this worked really well. You could add a flash behind and use gels to give you different colours in the bokeh.

What sort of stuff do you shoot on rainy days? And if you are going to try or have tried this technique, why not reply to this post with a photo?

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